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VCpro is a business networking platform that allows you to share your information with others using completely customizable pages. We make it easy to share your information remotely.

Want to showcase your photography and allow a client to book a shoot, all just by tapping your VCpro Digital Card? We've got you covered.

Want to list out all of your links and socials, then link to your page from your Insta bio? Look no further.

Wish you could share your personal contact and your business contact with the same card? VCpro can do that, too.
Nope! That's the beauty of Vcpro. Have someone just tap your product, or scan your QR code with their camera, and they instantly have your info. No app required.
Yes! VCpro allows your product or QR code to point to any website.
Yes! Vcpro provide 7 days free to use for 1st time. We do offer advanced features through VCPro for $4.99/month or $48/year, but it is a completely optional upgrade.
99% of phones can point the camera at your VCpro QR code (on your product or in the app) to get to your Vcpro page. 95% of phones can also get to your VCpro page by simply tapping your product.
VCpro is an optional, supercharged upgrade that gives you advanced analytics and allows you to add more rich content right to your page, like video embeds, buttons to payment option, Business hours, Gallery Showcase, and more! Oh, and all of this for just $4.99 per month. Get 7 days free here →


Right now, you don't need any app. Just need to register in our website.
Open our website ( to create your account, click "Signup" from the menu tab, then fillup the form with your information and click "Create Account". You're all set! For product-specific instructions, check out our support page:
Yes! Since your Linq page is 100% dynamic, your Linq products are 100% dynamic. You are able to change the info on your page an unlimited number of times — never order new business cards again!
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